Hooray!  The puking has ceased.  Really, it wasn’t bad at all.  Lex stayed feverish for a couple of days, but he seems better so I sent him back to school.  Now Nate is home with all sorts of bubbling green snot pouring out his head.  Such fun.  oolkpiujk

hmmm Sophie was here while I went to help Nate.  Is that Dutch? 

The play that the boys are in is opening this week.  You think I’m using lofty language, but really, they have been practicing since October, the sets are super cool (made by some of the families at the school who have contractors and construction workers as parents) and the costumes are way better than I imagined they would have been.  Lex is a pirate, so he has a custom made muslin piratey looking shirt; really billowy, ties at the neck, puffy sleeves.  I stained it in tea, rubbed some mud on it, and then made giant pit-stains with coffee.  It’s wadded up in the corner, getting nice and wrinkly for the show.  Wait till you see a picture of that boy with black eyeliner and a fake beard.  My kid, he’s totally hot.  And Nate is only in first grade, so I’ll say he looks really handsome in his suede-like Indian suit.  I may not think too highly of my own self, but damn, I have some fine looking kids. 

However, one of them is standing next to me, whining and threatening me if I don’t get up RIGHT NOW.  So, off I go.

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  1. Mom

    Tell Nathan that Grandaddy has bubbling snot, too, and a cough that sounds like he has the croup, so he may not be able to go to the play. If he doesn’t, then Caitlin can use his ticket.

  2. Ashley

    They both sound like they’ll look really cute. Unfortunately, James and I have to go to a funeral (my friend Nicole’s grandma died), so we won’t be able to make it. Hopefully someone else will be able to use our tickets though.


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