Prelude to a BlogHer (conference)

  Prelude to a BlogHer (conference) 
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Hey, look at me, out with the girls!  I brought my camera but didn’t take any photos.  Do other people do that?  It’s like I have to be in the right mood or something. 

I came home and made food for my boys at 11pm.  Nate had a scrambled egg burrito.  They’re such *guys* now: playing video games and having midnightish snacks.  I handed him the plate and he looked up at me and grinned and said, "Thanks, Mom."  I could almost see his chunky little toddler face under there, I could almost hear his baby voice. 

Dinner was, of course, fun and once again I drove home berating myself for talking too much until I was distracted by the very pretty yellow crescent moon.  When I was younger I used to always have "Talk Less" as my New Year’s Resolution.  I’ve given up, though.  Perhaps will change it to "Berate Self Less for Talking Too Much."  That?  I think I can do. 

It was fun to hear about Glennia’s trip to Greenland.  Flying over Greenland and looking down, I’d have never guessed at its beauty.  It looks like a big chunk of ice, and it’s very bright in the morning sun.

Summer school for Soph starts in 8 hours — better put myself to bed!

3 thoughts on “Prelude to a BlogHer (conference)

  1. Glennia

    I didn’t think you talked too much. It was delightful to hear what you have to say! Look forward to seeing you again next week at BlogHer.

  2. Mary Tsao

    Ha ha! I thought I was the one talking too much!

    It was great seeing you and I’m getting all excited for next week. Last night was a great prelude.


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