Put down the google and back away from the computer

Willow is still turning purple.  It happens after she drinks cold milk or juice, so I warm her milk and let her juice or water sit out before giving it to her.  One of the most dramatic reactions she’s had so far came from some cold yogurt the other day.  Today it was a diaper change that got her chilled enough to make her lips and fingers turn purple/blue.  I am so worried.  The doctors don’t seem to think much of it, but my mama radar is going off the chart.  I’m taking her in again today because last night I saw a splinter in her heel (stupid tan bark at the park got in her shoe, I think) and she let me get it out with a needle and tweezers and didn’t pull away or flinch.  She’s too little to have callouses, so that seems to me like she’s got some loss of sensitivity.  I told my mom about this, and she told me that her mother’s mother (Willow’s great-great grandmother, whom I remember well) had something called Raynaud’s Phenomenon.  Of course, I googled away and found awful scary things to keep me up all night.  The worst one I read said that Raynaud’s is very rare in young children, but when they do have it, it is very likely to be the first symptom of scleroderma.  I’m so worried.  I know that the chances are high that she’s just fine.  We went through this before; when she was tested for cystic fibrosis.  In the end, I decided to just stop looking at all the scary stuff and take her to the doctor.  We’ve got an appointment today.  When I pulled into the driveway this morning after taking Nate to the dentist, our friends were next door.  They invited my kids to come play for the day with the kids they have with them who my kids know and like.  Thank you universe for that one, and forgive me for pushing it and asking for a really huge favor.  Please let my baby be fine. 

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  1. Jen

    Thanks. I can’t decide if I should just hide in a corner and cry until somebody else takes over, or buck up and get over it and realize that things could always be worse. So, I do a little of both. . .


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