Really, truly, embarrassing. Or, maybe just kind of embarrassing. Whatever.

(Found this in my drafts folder and figured I had better post it before November to make sure that I didn’t cheat at NaBloPoMo. )

My kids love this song by Sublime called "What I Got."  I actually really like it, too.  But the lyrics — before the guy even draws a breath, he’s singing about lighting up a cigarette.  He also says (sings) I can still get high, I can play the git-tar like a mo (partially obscured — cause it’s the "clean" version) f (vowel subtracted) kin riot.


The kids LOVE to sing the part that says, I don’t get angry when my mom smokes pot (and I  don’t, so it is funny).

But that is not the embarrassing bit.  What’s totally embarrassing is that until Lex talked me into downloading that from iToonz, I thought it was a Beck song.  It was the whistling and the scritchy-scratchy turntable bit they bust out in the middle. 

I know, you’re all, WHAT A MUSICAL FAUX PAX. 

Since I’m sharing the embarrassing, I’ll admit this: the second I get a cold that gives me a scratchy voice, I’m all over the outgoing messages on whatever answering services and machines are around.  I also sing Janice Joplin nonstop.

I had to order this

And these.

I love Etsy.

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