Refill, sir?

Tonight we took all the kids out to eat.  Sometimes we do have supper in the back yard, but my father’s brother and his wife were in town, so we all met at a noisy, casual, really great (but inexpensive) restaurant.   I rarely take the kids (at least all four at once) to restaurants because it’s a gimongous pain in the ass, usually.  Also, I waited tables and helped manage a 4-star cafe for too many years; I know better.  Plus, I’m on the foodie side, so if I go out to eat it’s got to be worth my time and money and that usually means not too kid-friendly. 

I’m rambling. 

It was great to see my aunt and uncle.  Really great.  It’s been a while since I saw them last, and they haven’t seen the kids since Thanksgiving of 2003.  Some growing up has taken place.  We had a wonderful meal, and even though the boys were awful and rude, they ate and were in a better mood by the time we had to get them home to bed.  The girls were transfixed by the salt shaker.  Willow kept salting her chips and licking them, but she’d already eaten her supper so I didn’t mind too much. 

Again with the rambling. 

There is a patio in back of the place, which the kids discovered as we left.  In the center of the patio is a nice little fountain.  About fifteen tables were set up outside, with those big heat lamps all around to keep it warm.  It was quiet and lovely after the noise inside.  My aunt had her camera, and was hoping to take some photos of the kids.  They all were gathered around the fountain, which was making me a little uncomfortable already, since I could feel the irk waves coming from the two women at the closest table.  But, the children were quiet, and we were patrons, so I just stood back.  I even suggested the fountain as a great place to get a shot of them all together.  Then, Nate decided to put his index finger on one of the spouts on the fountain where a tranquil, soft stream of water was issuing forth.  Upwardly forth.  He didn’t hit either of the two women, but I watched the water arc into several different streams in the air before coming down on at least two diners. 

Needless to say, we moved along.  As soon as we left by the patio’s back gate, I started laughing.  And I know I shouldn’t have, but, OH MAN was that ever funny. 

I found a nice little flowering bush to put the kids in front of for a picture, but they all began climbing on the bike rack attached to the adobe-looking wall.  Our family portrait is of the kids climbing all about with me standing in front of the boys in hopes of keeping them from falling.  I think John was keeping the girls balanced, but I’ll have to see it sometime to ever really know. 

4 thoughts on “Refill, sir?

  1. michelle

    i took e and i once to get “official” christmas pictures, i think they were 3 and 1 yo at the time. elias kept trying to use the giant candy cane as a gun and i was so stressed out and uptight that i got too pissy with him. now i really wish i had an 8×10 of that. sigh…

  2. capello

    Amazing how children can make mischief when you’re certain there’s NO WAY POSSIBLE of it actually happening.

    And it sounded hilarious!


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