Revisionist history

Last night while Sophie and Willow took a bath, I sat on the counter drinking one of these and sewing one of these.  Mama, Sophie said.  Today at school, I learned about Britney Spears! 

Really?  From your friends?  What did you learn?

No!  My teacher!

my brain=?????????????

Oh.  Well, what did she tell you?  Exactly?

She told us how one time after work Britney was riding on a bus.  Some people wanted her to move to the back, but she said (here Sophie gets a Very Serious expression on her face and slowly shakes her head no) "No.  I worked hard all day and I am very tired.  I will not move."

I said, huh, I think you mean Rosa Parks? but Sophie was too intent on her story to answer.

And, then, THEN she had help, from, from, from. . . DOCTOR KING!  And now everyone can sit where they want on the bus.  But, then she got old, and not too long ago, she died.  It’s very sad.

Sophie, that was a woman named Rosa Parks.  Remember, we’ve read books about her before?

No Mom.  No.  It was Britney, a long time ago.  When she was young.  And black.

9 thoughts on “Revisionist history

  1. Marsha

    ha ha ha ha. I remember the days when my oldest would tell me what her teacher said. It was always correct and I was always wrong. Used to make me so mad. Now I don’t think she listens to either the teacher or me. She knows it all.

  2. Elke Sisco

    “When she was young. And black.”
    *wipes tears from eyes, uprights self again after doubling over with giggles*

    You know, that was bar none the best Britney coverage I have ever read. Thank you for that.

  3. gwendomama

    Sophie is right. Britney used to be known for being a positive role model – she was the first dancer to have a muffin top and wear it proudly. She wasn’t anorexic.
    But then she became white and trashy and lost her kids to a redneck baby daddy.

    Wow. I miss the Britney on the bus days.


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