school of rock

The new van has a tape player but not a cd player.  The radio works,
though, which is a good thing since who knows where any cassette tapes
are.  Garage, maybe?  There are no good radio stations around here.
College radio is good, but in a spotty way, especially with kids in the
car.  Our pick lately has been ‘classic rock.’  Usually I’m meh with
the classic rock, but today was so. much. fun.  We got two songs from
Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You), a Fleetwood Mac
(honestly hard for me to tell the dif from one to another, sorry), then
AC/DC (Shook Me All Night Long) and, on the home stretch, Led
Zeppelin.  As much as I detested the mighty Zep in high school, I love
them now.  And I forgot which song it was, but who cares? my kids like
Led Zeppelin.  I want to take them all to a midnight showing of Song
Remains the Same and freak out all the stoned people. 

The highlight of the van ride came when Sophie sang this, "We will,
we will,

Not bad for a four year old girl, eh?

1 thought on “school of rock

  1. Vanessa

    Oh, I remember going to the midnight showing of The Song Remains The Same and being so stoned I slept through most of it, and I did this many, many times before I realized I was wasting my money! Would really like to see it now, in my reeferless adult state!


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