secrets and lies

Once, when I was still working at the restaurant I worked at forever, one of my coworkers came up to me and said, "Secrets and lies, Jen, secrets and lies," before walking away.  Now, it was right after the movie came out, but I always wondered what he had on me.

Which brings me to this amazing site, which I found through Small Hands.  So, if you saw her link but didn’t follow it, I’d like to invite you to do it now. 

Tomorrow is Sophie’s last day of being three.  Maybe on Friday I’ll post her birth story.  If she doesn’t kill me for not making her a wedding cake.  She almost did me in with her screeching when she learned that I was NOT going to get her the same gift her father did.  I am against that sort of toy on principle.  Ick.  And really, if that is what he got her (I’m not sure, but it is something like that) she’d have been much better off with a good summer art camp or maybe he could have (hello, Jen! breaking the ex bashing rule.  must stop even though it is an enjoyable sport. . . )

I need to sleep.  Tomorrow is going to kick my backside.

2 thoughts on “secrets and lies

  1. jenny r

    There is a real live Barbie Hummer (H2 – is that what it is called) in our town I took Chloe’s photo next to it, as it was parked at the Wal-Mart. I used real film though. It was nuts. Big Barbie flowers, pink and purple, and the word Barbie was huge.

  2. shannon

    Hmmm – maybe point out that she would be hard pressed to use two at one time even if you had??? 🙂 Maybe ice her cake with white icing and throw some flowers on there? It’ll look sort of wedding 🙂


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