See the lightbulb over my head?

I had a great idea. I’m going to build cubbies for us. I’m no Carve Girl, but I think I remember enough from woodshop (twenty years ago. Gulp.) to make a basic sort of thing that John could paint. I picture six cubby holes, two on each level. It would be sort of tall and narrowish. We can each have a cubby to put backpacks and whatnot in. For instance, the kids could keep their backpacks there for school and if they needed to bring something to school the next day they could pop it into their cubby when they thought of it so they’d remember in the morning. On top we can keep the mail, and perhaps keys. Also a notebook and pencil to leave each other notes. I’m always half way to someone’s house when I remember that I had wanted to return some tupperware or a video or a book to them. If I have a cubby I won’t forget! At least, not quite so often, anyhow. Yay! It’s the little things that get me all happy.

1 thought on “See the lightbulb over my head?

  1. shannon

    A shortcut I thought of, Mama – maybe you could start with a wood bookcase, put a back on it, and then divide each shelf into 2 parts with a partition – just thinkin’ šŸ™‚


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