Setting up shop

Last night I came home after yoga to find Willow playing outside after supper, squatting down on the sidewalk near our front gate.  The skirt of her new school dress covered her knees, and even though the soles of her new tennies were flat on the cement, her bottom almost touched the ground.  She saw me coming and looked up, smiling. Mama! she sang, pulling the hair out of her eyes and rocking back and forth on her little feet, I’m makin a rainbow rock store.  See?  In front of her were five little piles of rocks, sorted by color.  She picked up a smooth river rock and got back to work, pounding the small rocks into little dusty pieces, and scootching the piles back into place.   

I walked past her, Wow! That’s really cool, honey, and into the house to shower. 

Later I wished that I’d stopped to play with her for a few minutes. 

I need to slow down a little.

4 thoughts on “Setting up shop

  1. jenijen

    Jenny ~ Willow wanted to know how much you charged?

    d ~ you could make bank selling pine nuts. maybe you should rethink?

    furiousball ~ my daughter is a wal-mart like menace to the neighborhood


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