Sharon, bring me a beer, Sharon

The girls had a party to attend today, so after a lovely breakfast out, Scuba and I took them to everyone’s favorite store, Affordable Treasures.  When I got my first real job in 1986, Affordable Treasures was just a couple doors down.  Now they’ve moved to a bigger location, but it’s pretty much the exact same stuff and it’s just as magnetic to me now as it was back then.

Here’s why:

Hangin with Justin B at Affordable Treasures
Everybody loves Justin, right?

What you can’t see too well in this photo are the rows and rows of party supplies: Octoberfest paper plates, tiny bull pinatas, hippy paisley napkins, red and white checked tablecloths with ants on them, football lights, Corona wrist bands, and, featured, Your Own Personal JB.

This video isn’t 100% authentic, because Sophie put these glasses on and started in on this and then I was all HOLD UP – DO THAT AGAIN!  But, other than that she had no direction.

And then there’s this:

I don't even know, man


I don’t even know.

The party was fun, they said, and they both came home sunburned and barefooted and exhausted from swimming and running all day.  Sometimes hanging out with my kids makes me really miss being a kid myself, until I put them to bed and kick back with my Kindle and a beer and the fan on high.  (We have no AC, which is fine except for the few days a year when it isn’t.) 

So, Happy Fourth of July.  If you are looking for some good summer reads, I just finished The Paris Wife, which I liked very much, since I have a weird love of Hemmingway, and I’m reading The Winter Sea right now (so far, I like it, too).  A few weeks ago I read A Discovery of Witches for the BlogHer book club, and my review went up last week – it’s here.    

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