Shine on


In line at the grocery store with my six pack of Shiner Bock last night:

Guy in front of me in line:  Wow, Shiner Bock?  Are you from Texas?

Me: Yep.

Last night on the phone with my dad:

Call us when your plane lands tomorrow night, and we’ll try to time it so that we’re outside the baggage claim when you’re ready to go

Ok, I can do that.

Yeah.  That way, you won’t have to walk too far in the heat.  Houston is H O T right now.

It’s ok – the sun will be well down by the time I get in.

Hahaha!  That doesn’t matter.  Before the sun comes up in the morning?  Eighty degrees.

So, looks like I probably can pack everything I need in a carry-on bag, then.  And I’d better get to that.  Have a lovely weekend, y’all!


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