Should I be alarmed????

The boys have this Juni action figure from Spy Kids.  It came with a model of the superguppy that says, among other things, "Now flushing your poop," which is why my brother bought it, I’m sure.   Lexy likes to, well, bind, I guess, Juni up in various traps.  Most popular is putting him in one of Willow’s sippy cups filled with water, the lid screwed on tight.  He is frequently strung from the bunkbed bars by his ankles or tied to doorknobs.  Today I found Juni hanging from a cabinet door by some twisty ties that were fastened around his arms.  He also had a twisty tie around his mouth like a gag, and one holding his legs together.  I’d take a picture to post, but right now Juni is in a plastic cup with a non spill lid, slowly turning to ice in the freezer. Juni has also had the Hans Solo treatment in tupperware filled with water.  At least he does this stuff to Juni and not his siblings.  It is weird, though, isn’t it?

I am TIRED, people.  Tired.  Sophie has become an early bird who rises at 5 a.m.  Not a problem for her; since she takes a nap around lunchtime.  But I can’t nap then, or usually ever, and am not used to getting up so so so very damn early.  I was struggling with 7:15 as it was.  I’ll have to work on fixing this.  It began after she spent three nights away and was really missing me and probably didn’t sleep well.  I’m cranky enough with sleep.  For example:  Sophie’s birthday party is planned at a horrible evil establishment called chuk eee cheze and whenever she acts like the enormous brat she’s been turning into lately (eh, I know that isn’t nice, but neither is slamming me in the head with a book that I won’t read at 5 a.m.) I tell her that I’m calling chuckie to tell on her.  Stellar dicipline skills, no?  I have also heard the following sentence come out of my mouth:  "Pull up your underpants!!   Chuckie Cheeze doesn’t like little girls who go around showing their hiney to everyone!"  Someone, quick, intervention.  Please!

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