Silly me for thinking that I’d be less busy after christmas was finally over.  My step dad is home and doing really well.  He has a bad cough, though, and every time I hear him cough it makes me cringe and shudder.  (if you don’t know, he just had a quadruple bypass)  My grandfather is still in hospital.  They tried to do angioplasty to clear his blocked arteries, but weren’t able to do it.  His heart is not functioning very well.  He is in good spirits, sharp as ever, and talking with everyone.  He will turn 93 on New Year’s Eve.  I really hope to see him in a couple of weeks when I go to visit.

Around here things are same as ever.  The kids are spoiled with all their christmas loot.  There are three portable dvd players between the four of them(thanks to Granny), and lots of new books and games and even an Edgar Allen Poe figurine and a stuffed version of the fierce rabbit from monty python, thanks to uncle greg.  The boys got a game cube.  Santa brought it because I would NEVER let them have such a thing.  (Unless it was on sale at target and I knew they really really really wanted one.  ahem)  Fortunately, they are playing with the very cool set of maple wood blocks and this fort just as much, possibly more than, the video games.  So, that is good. 



I would pay good money for school to just fucking start already, though.

My washing machine broke.  Again.  I tried fixing it.  Again.  No luck this time.  I only tried cleaning the water pump and putting it back in because I’m a tightwad.  We did just replace it, after all.  It didn’t work.  Now we have convinced ourselves that we desperately NEED a new, fancy, washing machine.  We will see.  Right now I must go over to my mom and dad’s and change the laundry over.  Must do something soon.


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  1. DixiePeach

    I’m glad to know they’re still making those maplewood blocks. Same ones I had as a kid.

    Bites about your washer. Mine’s broken too. Okay, it’s not broken but I’m acting like it is because I haven’t touched the laundry in a week.

    Good thing I have a zillion pairs of panties.

    Sending good thoughts for your step-dad and your grandfather.

  2. Lin

    I don’t even want to tell you how much I love my newish, fancy, front-loading, energy and water efficient, large capacity washing machine. Okay, I’ll tell you. I LOVE IT! And once I’d talked myself into it, well…that was it.

    Sounds like a fab Christmas!


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