Sleeping it off

I’m inbetween naps, up scrounging for pain medicine and getting more tissue for my ear that is bleeding (ugh).  I’ve had so many ear infections that now my eardrum just gives up really early on. 

Willow is entertaining herself in the other room with tiny treehouse/dollhouse furniture.  Little red wooden plates smaller than dimes, teeny mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows, apples the size of peas, bitty logs for a fireplace with red and orange wool fire glued to them.  She’s sick, too, and I hear her playing and coughing.  Most of her games have the little dolls and animals in peril, and so she says "Oooooohhh nNnnnooooOOoooooooooo!" and then makes explosion and crashing sounds with her mouth. 

The kids will be back from school in less than an hour, and even though I know that will end the napping portion of my sick day, it will be good to see them.   

Back to sleep.

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