snap, crackle, pop

I didn’t know the neck adjustment was coming, even though I was face down on the chiropractor’s table and she’d been working on my hips and back. She was moving my head into place, I thought, so she could adjust my neck, when, CRUNCH!! she got things back where they are supposed to be. It was so loud I laughed. I feel excellent. After the visit I could turn my head to either side past my shoulders instead of just barely to them. And she only wants to see me once more, next week, for follow up. Not three times a week like some docs I know. I think I’m in love. Serious crush, anyway.

John bought me a skirt that I saw in Bust and inexplicably had to have.


Wanna see more? My birthday is coming up, but he’d have done it anyway because he’s the best.

I’m fairly sure that right now my mom is wondering why she got stuck paying for me to go to the chiropractor today. . .

2 thoughts on “snap, crackle, pop

  1. Mom

    Not to worry, hon. You know it’s better to look good than feel good. Now, for a little while, you can have your cake and eat it, too! (Look good AND feel good!)


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