so. gross.

This afternoon I did the dishes, which isn’t generally something to write about, but it is HOT and we have no a/c.  I wore my swank hot pink dish gloves that I bought at Holy Foods (because I’m all dainty and shit) and they keep the water out really well, but I sweated* so much that they were gicky inside.  That was HOURS ago, and I just now put them on to do more dishes and THEY WERE STILL GICKY INSIDE.  So, I’m not doing the dishes tonight.  I’ll just wash the gloves and deal with it in the morning.  yuck

*I was checking to see if "sweated" is really a word (it is) and I’m linking to this because it’s gross.  Kismet!  John just came in to tell me that he fed bullfrog tadpoles to the lizard** and that is the grossest thing of all.  Ew.  He even imitated how the lizard happily gulped them down.  I’m gonna go barf. 

**Because they have taken over the pond at the school where he works and they are non-native and are killing all the other wildlife and plants there.  So, they are being population-controlled. 

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