Sophie is having a tea party for one.  She is using the tiny teacup and saucer from the birthday party we went to.  She is wearing her strand of "pearls" and her lace gloves and she’s having sparkling water with her veggie bacon.  The funny part is that the gloves and necklace are ALL that she is wearing, and she was telling me all about how if you go on a roller coaster, "You will puke AND barf!"

Sometimes I get sad that they have to grow up.  I’ll be even sadder if she acts like that when she’s grown, though.

3 thoughts on “Sophie

  1. Jamie

    hehe..ya too cute..and I am a bit scared of what my 9yo blondie will be like as a grown up..we already tease her abotu being “blonde” my favoriate is when she was about 5yo or 6yo and she asks (after seeing a hair dye commercial)
    “Mom, am I a natural blonde ?..” Boy she hates it when we remind her she asked that..hahah


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