Sophie is the master of surrealists.  Yesterday she called me a "cloud sammich" (sandwich) and when we played Simon says, she said, "Simon says, be a cup.  Simon says, be a lamp."  I couldn’t even decipher her rules about who won and lost.  She’s too sophisticated for me, I suppose. 

Time is going by so fast.  I haven’t been on the computer at all, really.  But I was alerted to THIS (somewhat sheepishly) by my husband.  So, I will say HANDS OFF MY MAN!!  I will not share.  (really, I am not angry I am just in agreement)

I bought a BUNCH of yarn today, something like twelve skeins, to finish up my holiday knitting.  I still have to start my sewing projects, but I bought a few things for the kids and even some other family members.  I want to have ample time for baking and playing with the kids during winter break and enjoy the time with them, instead of being a huge stress freak.

I think I’ll go work some more on this hat for my dad.  Maybe I’ll go catch up on the last week’s  Post Secret before it gets replaced. 

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  1. lorelei

    Remember “motorcycle guy” from after Willow was born? John’s compliment reminds me of that.

    Your loveliness aside, I was supportively trying to think up rebuttal for the comment poster, but I am not bitchy by nature, so I had to think awhile.

    Well, I’ll be damned if sitting there staring at your husband didn’t turn me into a believer! Everything about that picture really is lovely. The light, the trees, the crown of leaves. The piercing stare.

    It really IS unfairly gorgeous. And he LOOOVES you. Weeeeee! Yay for you!


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