Sorta dull recap of stuff I’d like to remember down the road

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to the store as soon as John came home and got some strawberries.  Hole Fudes had a sale on organic ones and I got three baskets.  They’ll be gone by noon tomorrow, I’m sure.  I also picked up Sophie’s bday gift, so now I just need to figure out how to make that wedding cake she’s expecting.  Hmmm.

On Monday we took the kids, plus Lexy’s friend C who we love, to the park.  Everyone had fun climbing about, and the girls had an extended visit with a tiny little Jack Russell terrier pup.  It was so little and had such pointy ears (they aren’t sure what breed the papa dog is) that Willow kept calling it cat.  Both girls hand fed it and the bigger also very cute dog with it. 

After the park we put the kids to work washing the cars.  While they finished up I made a cheese pizza, some pasta with tomato-basil sauce, broccoli, and salad.  The kids ate only the pasta and pizza, so I ate the green stuff.  (Halfway through dinner I remembered they never washed their hands.  Need some bacteria to build up that immune system, right?) 

Tonight after dinner (Willow’s supper — strawberries and pretzels) we went to the campfire at the outdoor school where John teaches.  The weather was just right (for those of us far away from the flames, anyhow) and it was fun watching all the skits and hearing the songs.  John even participated in a skit and got banana in his hair.   We came home for some quick hot chocolate which was drunk by bad-tempered children who were put straight to bed. 

And now I’m going to use the wonderful fire fox to open in tabs ALL the blogs I like to read.  And nobody is going to ask me for stuff.  HEAVEN, I tell you.

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