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Sophie has been watering this little pot of dirt, and it finally sprouted some grass.  I think it’s grass.  Who knows?  She’s very excited, though. 

My van is in the shop, getting new rotors and other stuff.  I walked the kids home from school today.  It was nice and I’d love to do it more often, but they usually gripe so much it isn’t fun.  I suppose they knew that today they had to walk and so they didn’t complain as much.  On the way home from walking Sophie to school I got some pictures of Willow.

Img_2613 Img_2618

I realized that her due date anniversary, April 15th, came and went this year without me thinking about it too much.  She is totally caught up, and weighs as much as Sophie now.  It’s hard to believe she was ever so tiny.

I wrote a post about breastfeeding for ParentDish, and a woman sent me an email asking for advice and empathy.  It’s weird to all of a sudden be on the other side of it all.  I wrote her back a looooong note that I hope will help at least some.   

Gotta sleep.  Have a bad headache that wants to be a migraine and need some rest. 

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  1. tracey

    Ah yes. I love the grumbling “I’m hotttt, I’m tiiiired… whine, whine…” BUT walk we do. At least, 2 out of 5 days! 🙂


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