I’m listening to the wind and the rain and I’m picturing the water pooling up on the passenger side floor of the van.  Why?  Because there has been a leak ever since the weatherstripping at the bottom of the windshield came loose.  So when it rains, water comes into a little sealed off compartment below the glass and above the engine, which is mostly okay, since it does have a drain with a little tube and all.  I think it’s made to catch water that comes in when you open the hood or something.  But, ahem, when it rains this hard, the little drain falls down on the job and water comes out of the dash and onto the floor.  The first time this happened John was driving and water started POURING onto my feet and I said something like "ohmyholyshitaaakkkkkwhatthehellisthatstopthecar!!"  (Heh, I used the spell checker and it suggested "stakeholders" for that word.)  It was a total emergency.  Which seems to mean that I will stress about it, but it will never get fixed.  I took it to a place to fix that and something else.  They only fixed the something else.  Then I called a windshield repair place, and they said to call a body shop.  You know, of course, that the body shop recommended an auto glass shop. . . My friend’s husband can fix it with clear sealant caulking type stuff, but I feel wrong calling up and scheduling someone to do me a favor.  Like I want them to tell me when to come over when it’s convenient for them.  Anyway, the thing has been leaking for a year and a half.  Time just flies when you have too much to do, does it not?  I think I’ll call my friend’s husband tomorrow.

I overate at dinner.  Then I ate more later.  Then I had some of this chocolate mousse/fudge like cake sort of thing, which I also ate after the first dinner of the evening.  Now I am so very sorry and drinking peppermint tea.  Also, wondering what to have for breakfast.

Cleaning up the boys’ room has turned into a multiple day project.  For the first time ever, they have agreed to throw away or donate things they no longer need or want.  This is a huge thing, since until now they have been unnaturally attached to things like the sticker they got from the dentist four visits ago.  I actually had to keep a couple of things they wanted to get rid of.  It was hard for me to let the powerrr/rangers helmets go into the donate pile.  Not because I like them, but because it was such drama for me to buy them in the first place; they were going to fall over dead right there in Target if I didn’t.  And now they don’t care!  But I remember that 20 bucks I spent and I’m a little cranky.  I get that sort of power trip parental "YOU WILL PLAY WITH THIS AND LIKE IT" feeling.  But, some other kid can play with it, too.  Probably the other kid is even nicer than mine and more deserving.  I’m sure they don’t mutter "women," under their breath while their mother is telling them why they should stop whining about their brother not being ready to share the game boy cartridge yet.  Yes, he did.  It’s a Christmas miracle that I didn’t reach over and smack him, but his baby sister was in the way.  (IT’S A JOKE.  I DON’T SMACK THEM!  not hard, anyway)

I’m ready for school to start again.  I am lousy at making any sort of schedule, and I think the kids do better with less freeform. 

The wind is really blowing.  I ought to go to sleep.  I have to get up early so I can get the kids up early so they will fall asleep before 11pm tomorrow.  I hate it when I fall asleep before they do.  It’s like someone stealing my only free, sane time.  But, I did have a happy mom moment today.  We were going to play at a friend’s house and in the car the kids asked for Elton John.  We were listening to Yellow Brick Road, Rocket Man and Crocodile Rock, and everyone, Willow too, was singing along.  Sophie gets a few words of each line and Willow sings similar sounds to the real words.  The best part were the falsettos in Yellow Brick Road and Rocket Man: everyone was belting it out and Sophie was at least an octave higher than Sir Elton.  It may not hold up in my retelling, but it was a moment where everyone was happy and that makes me happy. 

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