Straight from the farmer


The text is hard to read, so I’ll transcribe and translate:
Cows prvid milk for ase

If you milk a cow the roing way It wil cic you rele hord!”

Cows provide milk for us. If you milk a cow the wrong way it will kick you really hard!

That was one of the best things Lex brought home on the last day of school.

I’ve been doing laundry and working on Sophie’s quilt. I planted another lavender plant and it has survived for three or so days so far. I have two left of the original six that were gifted to me by D. One is still in the pot, but blooming, and the other is languishing in the mud we call soil around here. I can’t mix dirt into the mud or do anything useful in the yard until these children are a little more self-sufficient.

Willow learned to say “mummmmmmmmm” for both food and food that tastes good. All during dinner tonight she sat in her highchair, stuffing her face and chanting “muuummmmm.” Her new mantra.

She is a walker, and, yay! a shoe lover these days. I tried on a pair of little mary janes to see if they still fit. She looked at me, picked up the yellow sandals my mom got her (they are so cute I get butterflies looking at them) and pawed at the mary janes while miming to put on the sandals. I asked her if she wanted to wear the sandals and she said Yeah! so I put them on her. She smiled and walked away. So between her and Sophie, I need to get one of those back of the door shoe holders. Soon.

I’m going to put myself to bed now. Busy couple of days ahead and then we are off to Toronto. Know anyone who is willing to come feed the rat and the iguana and make sure the snakes and water monitor and spiders and millipede and scorpions and cockroaches have water?

2 thoughts on “Straight from the farmer

  1. Rachael

    I love the drawing. Lexy sure has a way with words, too cute.
    I love the “Mmmmm” phase. My niece still does that when she eats, or if she is hugry.


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