I just realized that today is Solstice.  I’m such a bad pseudo pagan. 

Willow wanted some of the cherries I was eating, but she wasn’t doing too well with the pits.  I cut a few up for her, and they looked like little valentines.

I was poking around Wikipedia for some other stuff and realized that they’ve got plain old dates in there, with all the events and births that happened on that day.  I’d always known that I shared a birthday with Larry Hagman and HG Wells, but was stoked to see that The Hobbit was published on my birthday, the very first ever episode of Monday Night Football aired on my actual birth day and year (ha! I am as old as Monday Night Football.  I wonder if we’ll die together, too.), AND the NYTimes launched the first modern op-ed page.  Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to crack the supreme court’s boys club, and once again this year my birthday is on the last day of summer.  My newly found birthday buddies are: Louis Joliet, Chuck Jones (rawk!), Leonard Cohen (double rawk!), Fannie Flagg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steven King (oooooh), Don Felder (here on out I will sing: welcome to the hotel we-have-the-same-birthday), BILL MURRAY (huge celebrity crush), Anneliese Michel (poor girl), Ethan Cohen (omg!), Rob Morrow, Cecil Fielder, The Barenaked Ladies drummer (heh), Ricki Lake (w00t), Luke Wilson, Liam Gallagher, a bunch of footballers from the UK and South America, and, Nicole Ritchie (oh. my awesome list factor is tainted). 

They list deaths, too: Virgil, King Edward II, Chief Joseph, Florence Griffith Joyner, Bryan Smith (who hit Stephen King with his car — weird that he died on SK’s birthday. Don’t mess the master of horror, dude.). 

Ok.  Write up your birthday list and leave me a link in the comments!  Let’s see who’d have the most awesome birthday party if they could invite any living or dead people on their list. 

Happy summer.  Don’t forget to jump through a fire with your lover for good luck.

6 thoughts on “Summertime


    My birthday is February 3rd – forever immortalized in history as The Day the Music Died. Oh, dear. On a more positive note, I share the day with Gertrude Stein (tre chic), Felix Mendelssohn, Pretty Boy Floyd, Blythe Danner, Morgan Fairchild and Nathan Lane, James Mitchner and Simone Weil (French mystic & resistance leader). So, I suppose all this accounts for my rather eccentric personality. Oh, yeah, and Cait’s boyfriend, Shawn.

  2. Cait

    ok so, october 5th is (according to most sources) the country’s most common birthday which is kinda cool, but also, i guess, makes me kinda common. oh well. anyway, not many quote unquote interesting people share my b-day, but some noteables are: Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band), Clive Barker, Tyson Beckford, Nicky Hilton (who could hang out with Nicole Richie if we had a joint party!!), Kate Winslet, and Colin Meloy (the Decemberists), plus a shit load of boring old european dead people. Rodney Dangerfield died on my birthday, the city of Anaheim was founded on it, and PBS became a TV station that day. so all in all, i’m the coolest person born october 5th and my birth was by far the most awesome event to transpire that day 😉

  3. Abbey Parker

    Long time reader but I have never posted. However this post intrigued me so much. Thanks for letting me look into my birthday!! Anywho; September 10 – Adele “Fred” Astaire, Rin Tin Tin, Arnold Palmer, Charles Kuralt, Roger Maris, Karl Lagerfeld, Jose Feliciano, Bill O’Reilly, Joe Perry, Colin Firth, Mr Madonna aka Guy Ritchie, Ryan Phillippe, and the greatest singer of our time (snort) Sanjaya.


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