We had a good blend of productiveness and lay about at the park on the perfect day ness. Willow got to swing in the baby swing, play in the sand and explore the grass. The big kids weren’t with us, so the pace was slow and we were able to lay in the shade of the wonderful old oak trees, watching spider webs and gnats float against the bluest sky.

I read an article in the paper about Ventura, Ca. I want to go there sometime with all the kids (and John, to course!) and take a boat to the Channel Islands. That is much more appealing to me than say, Disneyland.

I added Flooded Lizard Kingdom to the list on the left. I’d link to it here, but am having trouble getting the link button to wake up.

Time for me to sleep, too.

I’m still LOVING the Jolie Holland CD. She has a new one coming next month. Yay!

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