Friday was hot.  The thermometer in the van said 88, and it’s pretty accurate.  Saturday was foggy until after 3 or so.  Today, monday, was really windy and I sneezed all. day. long.  Even the sudafed on top of the homeopathic allergy tabs didn’t help much.  But, Sunday, Sunday was perfect.  We took Willow for a hike up to Quicksilver Park, an old mercury mining spot in the hills.  She had a great time and did lots and lots of walking, peppered with moments of sitting and playing with rocks on the trail.  She was thrilled to see that there was a ton of really thick squishy mud and bunches of puddles.  She was less thrilled when we steered her around most of them.  I normally let her go for it, but we didn’t pack extra shoes, and I knew she’d be quite uncomfortable before we got home.  Enough of my babbling; here are the photos.

Hikea Hikeb View1 Hikec Resting Letsgo Poppies

And I’m making these two big, cause I like them a lot.

Puddleplayer Puddlejumpers   

Tonight I tried to take Willow to the doctor to recheck her still infected ear (it’s been over 2 weeks, and it’s still red inside) and to ask the doctor why her lips might be sporadically turning purple.  She acts fine when it happens, but it worries me.  A lot.  We had to leave the clinic though, because just before we arrived for our 7:30 appointment someone noticed smoke coming from the air vents.  There were four fire engines, a couple of the SUV things, and a fire car or two.  Also, the short, boxy rescue vehicle.  I figured we would get rescheduled anyway, so after checking with a doctor and a nurse, who said I could go home rather than taking her to the dreaded emergency room, I decided to try for a Tuesday appointment. 

Please let me NOT go look up what purple lips mean on the internet.  I know I’ll only scare myself to death.  Let me read blogs instead. 

Updated to add:

From what I can tell, googling with my SLOW SLOW computer, it may be that Willow is anemic again.  Last time she was checked, earlier this year, her iron stores were low, but she wasn’t anemic.  She doesn’t seem to be too tired; some days she doesn’t even nap.

and updated again a few minutes later:

Sophie just came in, sat in my lap and barfed.  Everywhere.  I’ve gotten her and me and the bathroom clean.  Time to go start the washer and check the carpet for ick.  Goodnight.

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