pelicans monterey 7.22.12

Sunday Scuba and I went to Monterey so he could dive.  It was overcast and cold(ish) so I mostly read in the car.  I did get out to stretch my legs and found all these pelicans hanging out with some smelly sea lions.  I was trying to keep the photo from the sun and really crinkled it up.  I’ve since figured out a better method.
blackberries, big sur river 7.22.12
After Monterey, we drove to Big Sur, trusting the forecast for sun despite the cold and grey we were driving through to get there.  Turns out it was perfect weather — just some poofy white clouds and lots of sunshine.  We took a blanket down by the river.  Scuba napped, I read.  Down right at the water were lots of blackberries in the cool shade.

big sur river sky 7.22.12

This is the view looking up from our blanket.  

chairs, big sur river 7.22.12

And this was in front of us.  
Kinda makes it hard to come back home.

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