Takes one to know one


Last night we (meaning John and Lex and me) went to see the Cowboy Junkies play. The photo above is from the first time I took Lexy in June of 2000 when he was just a little preschooler. Last night he wore that same hat (so glad I was able to find it when he needed it on the way out the door) and was able to point out where our seats had been the last three times we’d been there, the most recent being in 2002. His memory is frightening.

The show was, as always, amazing and incredible. Willow and the middle kids stayed with my mom, and I was afraid Willow would cry a lot. She is super clingy. But they all had fun eating popcorn and cookies (from Granny) and watching dvds from the library.

Lots has happened the past week, none of it too noteworthy, but lots nonetheless. Just a jumble of playing at the park with friends, errands, and trying to get the computer back in shape (and not having a clue how to do that). So, here are two choice moments from the week that I’d like to record so that I never forget them.

Moment one
Willow had to see the “nutritionist” (ahem. right.) for her last visit in the GI clinic. They thought when she was in the hospital in jan/feb that she might have celiac disease or some kind of food intolerance. She doesn’t, but it took a long time to decide that. They are finally happy with her weight. Yay! Last time they felt she wasn’t gaining fast enough and gave me a sample pack of Carnation Instant Breakfast to feed her. Seriously. Yes, the “nutritionist” thought that would be good to give my baby to help her gain weight. Of course (rolling eyes) I followed her expert advice and gave Willow the cappucino flavor, with caffeine, as soon as we arrived home. Nutritionist my hiney.

Anyhoo, I could go on for days about how truly evil Sophie was in the office but instead I’ll say that everyone in the building was aware that she was there. Willow was petrified. She screamed and clawed at me and turned red and the whole bit. Major post traumatic stress disorder from being in hospital. It was so bad, I started crying. But the point is that the nutritionist woman asked me if I gave Willow formula or cow’s milk. I told her that I’m breastfeeding. She said (I still am pissed) that “now would be a good time to wean her from the breast because at this age breast milk is not nutritious and nursing is just for comfort. She should have cow’s milk.” I stared at her hoping that she got the impression that I thought she was an idiot. I said, “Hmmm. I don’t get that at all. I mean, she is a baby HUMAN not a baby COW. I will NOT wean her. In fact, I nurse her three year old sister, too. That is the way that I parent.”

The rest of the story is unremarkable. We didn’t argue. I think I will gather up some info and drop it off for her. She is spreading stupidity.

Moment two
I was talking to my former husband today. In the course of the conversation he told me that his new girlfriend is very direct and that it is really so much easier to live with someone who isn’t passive-aggressive. I laughed. I’m totally passive-aggressive.

Later it hit me that he called me ‘passive-aggressive’ in a TOTALLY PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE WAY. So, though I try not to discuss him here, that was too funny to let slide. Easier, indeed.

1 thought on “Takes one to know one

  1. elayne

    LMAO at the p-a stuff.. amazing how astute these people can be about everyone else’s “disorders” – of course, because it keeps everyone’s attention off of their OWN!

    However, in the interest of fairness, I have to remember (and blush…) the day my therapist suggested, after a long session about why my mother made me miserable all the time, a meeting of Co-Dependents Anonymous. I promptly responded that I’d give the information to my mother and see if I could get her to go. It’s a wonder he didn’t scream and throw things at me, hee!


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