ten simple pleasures

I was tagged by Capello for this one. 

One.  Coffee.  Coffee in this cup.  And, while we are at it, soy milk, since I have discovered recently that I’m allergic to milk.  The cup’s from Peet’s, my favorite coffee shop.

Semi sweet chocolate chips don’t usually contain dairy.  Yeah.  I ate all those since that photo was taken.

Cute hand me down jeans, that fit.  And that I could never afford new since they are not from tarjay or salvation army. 

My childrens’ art work.

My new baby.

Fabric stash!  In the clean closet!

The almost-blooming daisies.  Yesterday there were one daisy and two california poppies blooming and I was SO happy, because I’d been watching them and waiting for them to open up and I’ve been really sad lately and finally! there were these gorgeous flowers for me to see when I walked out of the house.  I was going to take photos of them yesterday, after I got back from dropping Sophie off at school.  Sophie, who had a daisy in her hair and the two poppies twirling by the stem between her little fingers.  More are coming.  Lucky for her.

My sole surviving lavender plant.  It was one of SEVEN that I planted.  It is thriving, and I am so glad.

The climbing roses that I cut back in January returned, even though I was sure I’d killed them.

Ditto for these beautiful long-stemmed roses.

This was a good exercise for me.  I have been really feeling awful and pouty.  I need to get over it already.  And, there are lots of other things, simple and quite complicated, that I am grateful for.  Thanks, Capello, for snapping me out of it.

I participation-optionally tag Jess, Miss Supafine, Belinda and Nina.

4 thoughts on “ten simple pleasures

  1. capello

    Oh, what a lovely list!

    I cannot get lavender to grow here to save my life. I can usually get it to last for a summer (if I’m really lucky and baby it), but it definately does not come back after our harsh winters. And the roses are lovely! I think they are one of the most durable plants — I’ve thought on multiple occasions that I’ve murdered some in my yard, but they all keep coming back.

  2. Suebob

    A good list and good photos. Peet’s is my addiction. I love me some good coffee. The first time I went into Peet’s right after it opened here, I took one sip and went (out loud) “Damn that is good coffee!” It was sooooo different than Starbucks.


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