TFB = Time For Bed.  Tonight, bed = 22nd floor of a downtown Chicago hotel.  That is my stunningly lovely view.

But, first, I need to do the ten second intro that Mocha Momma started.


Ten seconds —

  1. I’m always the last one to leave.
  2. I like fixing things.
  3. I love to cook.
  4. And eat.
  5. I have four children.
  6. I LOVE thunderstorms.
  7. The thunder *right now* is making me ridiculously happy.
  8. I love to take photos.
  9. I am fascinated by life.
  10. I see lots of beauty in ordinary things.

I’m going to shut off the lights and watch the storm.

8 thoughts on “tfb

  1. Mocha

    I wish I were already there to enjoy the thunderstorm with you. Really, they tend to make me frenzied with excitement.

    Actually, I loved all 10 of your things. That’s unnatural as I would nod in agreement to only a handful of others that I read. You? All 10.


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