The rainbow worked!

Oh, wow.

Can I just tell you that the bad mood is magically gone, and in place of it there is a manic happyness, no: Happyness, that is sort of scaring the shit out of me?  Can I just tell you that?  I’m bouncy and happy and Positive Thinking about stuff. 

Weird.  Where is the cranky me? 

Tonight Sophie lost her first tooth.  I was in the shower and she came in crying because she’s been w a i t i n g for her tooth to fall out forever and ever and her brother told her she had a good two week wait, and he’s got to be wrong she said because it’s bleeding blood and . . . then she left and left the door open and I was cold so I reached out of the shower to the door and closed it and turned up the hot and then as I got warm again, the door flew open and it was one of the boys (I don’t remember because I am MANIC) yelling MooooOOOOOoooMmmmmmm! sophielosthertooth!sophielosthertooth!

I turned off the water and got my robe on and found her in the kids’ bathroom, blood all over her chin, new gaping smile from ear to ear.  We hugged and high-fived and took gruesome photos (not uploaded yet, because I don’t think I can sit still that long, to tell you the truth) and rinsed with salt water and found the tooth fairy box (and the boys were all HEY! She owes both of us AND SHE BETTER PAY UP TONIGHT!  One of the boys is still a believer, but just barely).

The boys were nice to her.  It made me teary.  I am deadly serious.  She was cute and sweet and everyone got along for more than five minutes and I had a glimpse of how great it can be sometimes and that was very needed.  Very.  After she was in bed, Nathan came in to kiss the girls goodnight and she sat up and said, Nathan, thanks for being so nice to me when my tooth fell out.  It sort of freaked me out a little and you helped me and thanks

Which reminds me — last night I was lying in bed with Willow and she touched my forehead.  Mama, she said, your head is right.  Then she petted my eyebrows and said, and your eyebrows are so soft.  I love when they come up with odd things like that. 

5 thoughts on “The rainbow worked!

  1. chrissie

    Wow. My 4yo daughter once commented on the softness of my eyebrows. i thought for sure i’d be the only one to receive that particular compliment! 🙂

  2. jenny d

    that is SUCH a cute story!!!
    And to add to your happiness… i will have the wedding photos done this week! finally.
    Will you please email me your personal email list so that I can keep you in the loop? (i know i have it, but for some reason i’m having trouble locating it!!!)


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