The latest issue of All Round came with a note saying that it was the last.  The boys haven’t learned to sit still long enough to appreciate it yet, but I think that before too long, they’ll be hooked.  The letter says that new books will be coming out yearly instead of the magazine, which is okay since they’ll hold up better. 

But the whole thing made me think again of how backward things are.  Here’s a really cool, advertisement-free, innovative product for children, and it doesn’t catch on.  What catches on?  Total crap.  Everyone knows that the popular stuff isn’t really quality, and I mean kids, too, but no one seems to care.  I wonder how people can grow up to become artists when what they have surrounding them as they form their opinions is junk. 

It is really encouraging to see that the Miyazaki films are picking up speed.  And most any bookstore has children’s books with high quality, thoughtful art and words.  But still, the movie summary, poorly illustrated picture books take up too much shelf space. 

My kids and I have been enjoying this website.  We have made most of the ones shown, and the otter paper dolls, too.  Check out her blog for more great art. 

If the republicans can make all sorts of silly "anti-" laws, then maybe the rest of us can make some helpful anti-crap laws.  (Except for the occasional crap we need, like when you are desperate for fritos with bean dip and a real –not diet, not caffeine-free– Dr. Pepper.)

Oh, and how cute is this??  I can’t wait to get my mom’s sewing machine back from the shop.  You know, so I can look at it and imagine making things like that. 

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