The one kid who can pour his own drinks and wipe his own self has a broken arm. There goes all my free time. I haven’t been on line in DAYS.

I’m cracking up at the web search hits I get. Somebody looking for “calm and mild.” Haha. Another wants “Mimi Smartypants, Photos of.” There are many sick ones, but I’ll spare you. Lots of people want to know how to finger knit, and how to get melted sippy cup lids off the dishwasher heating element.

Anyhoo, I must go take the kids to their dad’s for dinner. Then I’m off to a doctor’s appt. (insert loud echo effect here) all alone. Isn’t it sad when you want to go get poked and prodded and lectured just for the time alone in the wating room. They don’t even have people magazine there. See me pout about the lamest things.

Be back soonish.

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