the year without a santa claus

My boys have a really short Christmas list this year.  Short, as in, one item only.


Yes, they only have eyes for Wii. 

And, since I’m not able (the willing part is doubtful, as well) to camp out overnight starting at 4 pm the afternoon before they are maybe available the next morning, it is not looking like it’ll happen for them this year. 

This morning, my brother and I had the two-state approach in operation; he and his girlfriend called me while waiting in line in Portland while I was driving to a store here.  Of course, we didn’t have any luck, so I ended up getting them two games.  There will probably be a note from Santa that says:

Dear Boys, 

I heard that your mother promised you a Wii if only you could keep your room clean.  And, dude, she means CLEAN.  So, it looks like you’re doing a stellar job, and I have high hopes for your success!  Here are a couple of games to kick things off. 

Merry Christmas,

P.S.  Be nice to your sisters, and help your mom more.

I think that may be pushing it toward the end there, but they are admittedly long in the tooth to still be believers.

Today is Nathan’s birthday.  Eight years old.  We’re going to go invade the local arcade place for a couple of hours to celebrate.  Fifteen kids, only ONE parent is not dropping off.  I’m skeered.  Very.

I took this photo of him while he was concentrating on carving his Halloween pumpkin.


Yes, his lashes look like that all the time. 

2 thoughts on “the year without a santa claus

  1. capello

    dude, you not following the invite rule.

    8th birthday means he can invite nine friends.

    and thank goddess the party isn’t at your house, heavens to betsy.

  2. ann adams

    Santa has been known to write iou’s here too as well.

    I told the girls they might finally get some kind of game machine but it might be after Christmas and it won’t be cutting edge.

    I think they’ll be grateful for a Game Boy. I held out for years.


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