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  tooth fairy pillow 
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Last fall sometime, maybe in November? I found this really cute tooth pattern fabric while I was shopping with my mom in Berkeley.  Yesterday I FINALLY got a tooth fairy pillow put together.  I was inspired by the one I saw at Little Birds.   I didn’t buy enough fabric (the quarter yard I got was too narrow because of the direction of the pattern) to back the pillow, so I just used some for the pocket, which I then sewed all the way around before realizing it was a pocket.  duh  I’ll have to go back to Stone Mountain and Daughter for more; this fall I’ll have a kindergartner and a second grader, and I think these would make really good birthday gifts for all those parties they’ll be invited to.

(If you click on that photo, you’ll go to flickr where you can see the pocket on back.)

4 thoughts on “my first pattern

  1. capello

    That is so cute! Do not tell me that you embroidered that smile… did you embroider that smile?

    And I love the faux pocket on the back, that material is really cute!

  2. owlhaven

    How fun is that?!? Now if only it would remind the tooth fairy to actually show up, which is the continual problem at our house. With my big kids i’ve resorted to just handing over the money because it is easier than trying to remember to creep in their rooms after they’ve gone to sleep…

    Mary, mom to many


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