under the wire

I’m reading a book my friend D brought to me — Everybody Into the Pool by Beth Lisick.  It’s fascinating to me partly because she is the same age as I am and grew up really close to where I did.  I keep waiting for one of her stories to sound familiar because I was there.  I would enjoy it even if it weren’t sort of parallel to my life, but there’s this extra suspense thrown in now.  I keep studying her teeny little photo on the back cover. 

Tomorrow John will take a big old test to see if he can get his teaching credential.  He’s still got more than a year of coursework ahead of him, but he’s hoping to get the test part out of the way now.  While he is doing that, the kids and I will busy ourselves with the next-to-last soccer games, two birthday parties (one for twins) and an end of the season soccer pizza party.  Something will have to give, most likely it will be me.  Apparently, I’ve got this groovy kind of anemia that is the result of a folic acid/B-12 deficiency.  My red blood cells are too big.  I am tired.  And crabby.  And sad (not because of my misshapen blood cells — I mean, who knows?  maybe because of them, but not about them). 

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