Up in the night

You’d think that since Willow is my fourth baby (and all close together, so no forgetting between kids) I’d immediately know what is wrong when she has a fever off and on for a couple of days, doesn’t want to eat too much, has one watery poopy diaper after the next (sorry, gotta tell it like it is), and barfs a bit. Tonight she shrieked in agony for a good hour and a half, with little nap breaks. Something hurts really badly. Is it her ear, again, or maybe that molar that I can just feel the pointy top of? (A preposition is a perfectly good thing to end a sentence with!) I have no clue. I just gave her tylenol and rocked her and sang to her. We see the doctor tomorrow for something else anyway, and I can’t very well run her to the county ER at night with all the kids while John’s at work. The post this is from is too long to just link to, so I’ll be self-absorbed and quote myself describing the ER when I took Willow in January:

Ever hang out at the county hospital er after midnight? Not too fun. It was packed so tightly that I was afraid to breathe. I was sure we’d get that awful flu or sars or whooping cough or something. The receptionists are behind bulletproof glass. That did little to inspire any safe feelings. Then a man came in the door yelling about his need for a psychatrist and a urine test. RIGHT NOW. He needed that test RIGHT NOW, because his doctor told him to get it. After he piped down, I smiled at another man sitting down near where we were standing (no seats open) and the man growled at me. I decided to pass the wait by watching the tv in the corner where BJ and Hawkeye were having a debate about who was funnier. We finally got called in.

That was from this post when I wrote all about Willow’s hospital admission.

Sorry, tangent ending now.

I told Nate a bedtime story that he really liked. John told me to write it down. So I did, only I made it into a rhyme. Now I want him to make charcoal line drawing illustrations and we’ll take it to Kinko’s and make coloring books out of it. I have more money-making from home plans than anyone, including Martha, but maybe we’ll really do this one. Because, HEY! my part is done, so what’s the hold up??! Wanna buy a coloring book?

I forgot that I was going to work on a writing project tonight. I think I’ll do that until I pass out. Willow’s piercing wails woke me up pretty thouroughly. Poor baby.

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