Okay, then.  I’m starting today, and just to make it more exciting (!) I decided that I’m going to have a theme.  I will blog every day in November and part or all of each post will be about some sort of beauty that I’ve seen that day.  I will try and post a photo to go with.  But, the thing that inspired that thought is this red-tailed hawk that I see nearly every time I drive along a road near our house.  It’s the highest road on the side of a foothill and above the road there are houses, but it’s pretty rural otherwise.  The hawk is always circling overhead, sometimes there are two crows trying to chase it off.  It is so beautiful, and every time I see it, I lean over the steering wheel so I can look up at it.  The red feathers in its tail really stand out against the sky.  I doubt I could get a picture of it, though. 

The video above was taken today in the backyard.  My neighbor practices the violin with the windows open, which I love so very much.  No matter how crappy of a day I’m having, it makes me feel better to hear it.  It’s like gravy on good days.

Alright.  See you all tomorrow with something purty.

5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. krista

    That’s neat. I like the violin.

    I’m into beauty. I like to take the time to notice it. I am curious to see what other beautiful things you post this month.


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