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I saw lots of beautiful men today.  I wanted to photograph them, but I figured they might not like it too much.  One was young, maybe twenty or so, and he was running out of the grocery store with two big bouquets of flowers.  It was a grey day, and the flowers were bright and lovely in comparison.  He looked happy.

Another man I saw was holding his infant daughter.  She was tiny, with big blue eyes and a mop of black hair.  She wasn’t even six months old, but she was standing with her belly against his shoulder, her feet flat on his open hand.  He kept one hand hovering behind her back in case she fell. 

The other man I saw was old.  Really old.  He was walking home from the market with a brown grocery bag, and I could see the tip of a loaf of French bread peeking out.  He had on a brown suit, a tie, and a hat. 

I ran errands alone for a chunk of the afternoon.  It was heaven.  I shopped and went to the pharmacy.  Silly that I enjoyed it so much, but I did.  It seems like I spend at least a few moments of every day silently freaking out about getting older.  (Yes, I know that I’m not that old.)  I was thinking about that as I walked from the pharmacy to my van, because the guy at the pharmacy was a guy I know from high school.  Suddenly it’s been twenty years since we used to hang out during lunch making fun of the jocks and cheerleaders.  Before I know it, my kids will be in high school themselves.  I walked up to the van and saw the VISITOR sign freshly painted on the parking lot asphalt.  It was almost like the planet was saying, "DUH you’re just a visitor here!"

The sky was gorgeous today. 

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  1. marian

    I freaked out about getting older when I was in my 30s and 40s. Now it doesn’t bother me so much — you get used to it. Something in you adjusts and learns and it becomes okay. Nice post…


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