Waily waily

I know I should not complain. But the hormones or the cabin fever or something put me in a foul mood today. I was even more than a little pissy to John, but he is patient and good at not being pissy back. I’m very very grateful for that.

The children are all sleeping, and have been for about an hour. Don’t you know that someone will wake up crying now that I’ve jinxed myself? I have had a chance to check my email, work on my book (I’m going to talk about it a lot to make sure that I really do write it. Because I want to do it and a little pressure will help.), and pour one smallish glass of wine so I can get rid of this seemingly permanent headache without taking tylenol. I feel ever so much better now.

I have to babysit in the morning and go meet with Lexy’s therapist in the afternoon. In the late afternoon, we will dye Easter eggs. We even sort of whipped the house into shape for the occasion. It was bad. I think it was mostly to blame for my crabbiness. So, egg coloring and such. I won’t take any pictures this year because Sophie got to my camera and most likely opened it with film inside. That would be film with pictures from Nate’s first day of school, Lexy’s cake from his play and the mama dove nesting right outside our back door. The hummingbird mama moved on and I guess we have a prime location. I think I’ll take my whole camera in and see if they can salvage anything. I might as well have them clean it, too. I pretend to have money sometimes. It’s a good fantasy!

I feel like blog reading before I go to sleep. I keep finding new ones and I’m going to have to put myself on a time limit or something. I’ll add the new ones to the list. Goodnight!

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