Welcome to NaBloPoMo. I would bet against me, but here I am all the same.

Monarch Grove Sanctuary, Pacific Grove, CA

Monarch Grove Sanctuary, Pacific Grove, CA

Late Sunday morning while Scuba (he’s been SG here up till now, but really I call him Scuba which is part of his full nickname of Scuba Guy) went to a coffee shop to take care of some school work, I packed up my through the viewfinder contraption (something like this) and went walking down Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove in the sunshine.  We stayed there Saturday and Sunday last weekend, at a little place walking distance to the beach and the Monarch Sanctuary, and spitting distance to El Carmelo Cemetery

El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove, CA

After a while, the coffee shop decided to close up and give him the boot, so he came and met me at the Monarch Sanctuary.  Only a couple of people there asked me what the hell? with my camera set up, but later when we went to the aquarium, lots more people wanted to know what I was doing.

Jellies, Monterey Bay Aquarium

I showed them my setup, explained that I was shooting through the viewfinder of the old camera, but didn’t really so much get into the fact that the end result would be all warped (from the curved bubble glass on the viewfinder) and grungy and scratched and dirty.  I’m not sure that appeals to everyone. 

Cause there’s stuff like this:


And then like this:

Monarch, Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA

I think a lot of the things I like best in art and fashion both straddle the line between cruddy and good, and it’s a little nervousmaking to put stuff out there that’s arguably cruddy and be all, Hey!  Lookit what I did!  But ever since I turned forty, I magically do not care.  Much.

Plus, what a relief it is to get to say, Yeah, it’s supposed to look torn up.  That’s the whole point.  Jeez.  It gives you more confidence to mess around than when you are trying to make something look realistic. 

Anyway, it was a damn fine weekend.  I’m happy, life is good and Patrick Star says hello:

Patrick says hello

I think he may have had a few while watching the World Series.  He’s a little passed out looking and he lost his pants.

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