Well, hello there.

It shocks me to see that there aren’t any recent entries, because I blog in my head ALL THE TIME.  Weird.

I am happy that autumn is here.  It’s not cold (non-mountainous region of California — duh) but is chilly enough that when I get in the car to go someplace (and the car is sitting in the sun) it feels really good if it’s nice and hot inside.  Then I put on music that is sort of sad, like the Mountain Goats (Get Lonely) and drive around feeling good and warm and singing at the top of my lungs.  I like that.

So, the master cleanse left me lightheaded and faint on day five.  I think it had everything to do with the medicine I must take and so I stopped.  I wasn’t really hungry during it, except for after a bikram class when I went to my car and thought for one beat too long about eating a receipt in my purse.  My first meal after, not counting veggie broth, was mashed up hard boiled egg yolks, chopped roma tomatoes, rosemary olive oil, & sea salt — all mixed up.  It was really, I mean, REALLY, good.  Course, after I ate I felt like I’d swallowed a softball.  At least I used lots of the rosemary olive oil and got to have lovely scented burps to go with my pain. 

The reintroduction of coffee was a blessed event, and I’m more than ready to go face the hour + drive home from the office now (blogging on the job with BlogHer is A-OK!  And.  It’s after 5) so I can grab a gluten free beer from my stash in the garage. 

I’ve signed up for NaBloPoMo.  I’m scared.

6 thoughts on “Well, hello there.

  1. mamasutra

    Yay on NaBloPoMo. I haven’t decided what I will do in November. (There are all kinds of one month challenges out there! I had no idea!) I may even…errrrr…ack…do NaNoWriMo! Eeek!


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