What a world, what a world!

I am more melty than the Witch of the West, and bitchier too, of course!   It’s about 85 degrees in our unairconditioned house.  A bit of a breeze is beginning to come in, but we are all crankpots.  Stinky, sweaty, fruit and popsicle eating (therefore, sticky) crankpots. 

I took the boys to see this movie today, just the three of us.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it, since the original is one of my favorites, but I was happily amazed.  I told my mom (she watched the girls since John had plans) when we got back, that the first movie was like a childhood sweetheart, whereas this one was the current love.  They’re both great, really, and it’s pointless to compare them.   (Allison, I don’t know if you’re still out there, but I remember that you were waiting for this to come out.  What did you think and how are you?  Miss you!)

I wonder if we can get our hands on a copy of the newest Arry-hay Otter-pay book tomorrow.  Will all the stores be sold out?  It’s so hyped everywhere that I wonder if anyone will have any. 

Ugh.  I feel like I’m in a sauna.  I don’t think I’d ever voluntarily go into a sauna.  I’m more of a crisp, autumn day girl, really.  My brain doesn’t seem to be working correctly.  Think I’ll put the kids who are still awake to bed so that I can take another shower and put all my energy into drinking another big cup of cranberry and orange juice with bubbly water.  We had cheese, cantaloupe, raw red bell peppers and cold turkey (for the carnivores) for supper.  I didn’t have to cook, but I was sweating just slicing and dicing.  I hope it gets a little better soon.

3 thoughts on “What a world, what a world!

  1. shannon

    I’m gonna stop by Target today – as jenny said, everyone ordered such HUGE amounts that I’m sure they’ll have some copies. Don’t know if it’s the best to read while I’m waiting for labor to begin tonight, but at least it’ll hold my attention. (I’m also gonna ask for a sleeping pill tonight – some sleep would be nice before I start contracting and there’s no way I’m just “drifting off” sitting there all hooked up in L and D)

  2. jenB

    we have no AC either, and i know we live in canada, but it still gets hot at times! so, sympathies.

    and i was at our local mega bookstore yesterday and they had an assload of HP.


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