will meme for brownies

Gwendomama has tagged me for a Five Things That I Should Most Likely Keep To MySelf About Me post.  I won’t pretend to not notice, because she is promising brownies.  And Gwendomama is the most bad-ass baker around.  You cannot say no to her.  Ever.

1.)    I am High Maintenance, in a stealthy way.   My lack of makeup and expensive purses, along with my willingness to go camping, mask the fact that I’m totally a snob about what I will eat, wear, buy, read, watch, or be associated with.   When we bought stuff for our ski trip, there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to buy the big puffy (cheap) ski pants and generic waterproof moon boots.  "They didn’t have those in my size" is HM speak for "I had to get the cute ones because there is just really no other option."  (I am a fan of the end-of-season clearance sale.)

Skipants OR     Cheapskipants_4  ?

also —


  OR    Uglyboots ?

You know I’m right about this stuff.

2.)    When I was little, I figured out that things never happened exactly like I’d imagined them.  So, I used to fall asleep at night, imagining all sorts of terrible things (in excruciating detail!) happening to me and the people I loved. 

That TOTALLY kept those things from happening.

3.)   I carry a lot of guilt over unsent (and unwritten) thank-you notes.

4.)    I’m not terrible at poker, pool, dart throwing or bullshitting, thanks to lessons from my dad. 

5.)   I am still amazed that I ended up with four kids.  Honestly.

4 thoughts on “will meme for brownies

  1. Candy

    Holy cow, I share #3 with you, and I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that. I forgot to send out a thank you card for a wedding gift. That was 20 years ago. And I still remember who it was to, and I feel bad about, even today. SIgh…

  2. mamadaisy

    release yourself from the guilt of thank you notes! (i know, i’m going to hell.) i thank the person sincerely in person, and that will just have to be good enough. i still feel guilty sometimes, but i try to squash that feeling down into my little pinky toe.

    love the boots.

  3. Lin

    The chocolatey ganache wonderfulness of these brownies is sinfully perfect. I’m probably pitch a tent chez gwendomama if I thought I could eat her baked goods regularly. Hell, I might even sit for her kids for brownies. They are THAT good.


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