Yay and boo

We decided to skip the kite festival so we could take care of some stuff that needs to be dealt with. So, it’s after noon and I’m still in my nightclothes, reading blogs. I’d be having that second cup of coffee, but we are out of milk both soybean and cow varities. Wah. But John has unloaded the dishwasher, started laundry, made the bed and is out running errands right now. I’d feel a little guilty, but I’m too lazy and that takes energy. I’ll make up for it this afternoon.

I read about an audio magazine for kids on Veggie Mama’s site awhile back. It’s called Boomerang. I put off ordering it because at 59 bucks a year, ouch. But, the more I thought about it the more I decided that it’s not so expensive if you look at what you’re getting for those bucks. (Give me a purchase, I will find a way to rationalize it.) So, I called to order it and left a message which was finally returned a week or so later and I gave the guy my bank card number (the visa that links to your checking account kind) hoping that I’d be able to cover the amount. We got our first issue in the mail yesterday, two cds. The only complaint I have is that they’re cdrs and don’t play too well on the kids’ boom box, but I think I can make clean tape copies on the grown up equipment. Okay, now to the point of this all. I totally LOVE Boomerang! Lexy and I listened to it last night (Nate fell asleep partway thru), and we both really enjoyed it. The issue was about Mars, but also had a kid who time traveled to meet and interview Thoreau, a child who went to explore a swamp with their grandfather, kid jokes and news. The part about mars was a very well done history lesson, starting with the earliest astronomers and covering Edgar Rice Burrows, too. They put things into a time line as well, pointing out an event in its proximity to WWII or the moon landing. Totally fun and interesting way to approach history. We started the second cd this morning, which so far has a kids recipe for cinnamon toast and an interview with the Wright brothers. I think my favorite bit so far was when they were discussing astronomy and a girl says to a boy that all the scientists of the day thought the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revoloved around it. The boy says, uh, wait a minute! And the girl says, I know, this is just another example of how just because everybody agrees on something it doesn’t mean that they’re right. Yay! Yay for non-conformist childrens’ education!

And the boo? Nate and Sophie had a long fight all morning. It sucked. Finally they made up and he gave her one of the gadgets from his spy kit stash because he had another one at his dad’s house. This was a huge deal. He hates it when she touches his stuff, and he gave her something. Even though he had another one, I was really impressed by it. I totally praised him for it and thanked him. She was really happy, too. When his dad came to get him he told him what he’d done. Seems that Nate no longer has two of those spy kits, because the other one was sold at his dad’s garage sale yesterday without even asking Nate first. But Nate gets to keep the money. What a *&^%^&$#@$%^. There are twelve letters there. Use your imagination.

Time to be productive.

***edited to add that Nate swears he okay’d the sale of his toy. He got to keep the two bucks. Looks like I’m the *&^%^&$#@$%^ for assuming. (but just this one time)

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  1. deb

    It’s funny, my kids were totally into Boomerang at first, but the last issue has been sitting on my desk for at least a month, maybe more, and nobody has listened to it. They’re so fickle.


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