yoga is still the fountain of youth

Okay.  A correction needs to be made.  To this post.   I went to yoga tonight and saw the guy who I *thought* was 56 (I am not sure how I misheard that originally, but he talks quietly and I like to jump to conclusions, so there you go).  Turns out I have no manners and pushed the issue again (it did sort of organically come up while we were getting stuff out of the cubbies) and discovered he’s ten years older than I am, not nineteen.  The best part of the story is that I said, Uh, oh.  I blogged about you! I am going to have to correct that.  And he said (refreshingly) SO, tell me; what IS a blog?

Tonight I owed Nathan some one-on-one time, and I am sort of ashamed to say that the time was spent going to T4c0 B3ll (that looks so Tron! but if I don’t do that I could end up with email asking for tacos. You never know!).  He was such a sweetie and didn’t even mind that we didn’t do something fun.  He held the door for me, didn’t freak when I told him no soda, and he somehow managed to talk me into getting him a whole bucket of chicken.  It’s a T4co B3ll slash KayFCee, so, you know, you’ve got options.  I still owe the other kids a little mom time this week, and it’s not terrible that I have set the bar so low, because I now don’t have to produce a magical experience, and they all KNOW that I can’t out do the T4c0 B3ll run because, DUH: Not Fair.  Sweet!  Though I think I will try and pick a grocery store or something next time so I can grab a few things.  Too bad the bank’s not open at night.

I was invited to help beta test a photo editing service.  Service as in SomeoneElse does the editing.  I have so far sent in 8 photos, and will send either 8 or 12 more.  I’ll put up some before and afters when I get them.  Am really curious to see how they come out. 



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