blue skies

  blue skies 
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Last time John went cd shopping, I asked him to bring me Stardust.  Yes, it is a Willie Nelson album.  I’ve been listening to it often in the mornings while I work.  Nothin but blue skies, from now on. . .

I talked to my brother for a good long while today.  It’s been just about a year since they moved away.  I miss him, but they are doing so well.  I find myself wishing that we could relocate (strictly for money issues) often lately.  I don’t think we will, since family is here.  It would be great to not be a renter anymore.  It’s really hard for me to not get ill when I think about how much rent we’ve paid in the last five years. 

Right now I need to tend to my girls.  Willow seems to have an ear infection and Sophie is in my face, clearly wanting some attention. 

Hmmm.  I read one blogger’s complaint that people doing NaBloPoMo were posting crap just to be posting. 

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  1. tessa

    it is very time consuming to come up with a brilliant post each and every day. i have a hard enough time coming up with something that didn’t start out frozen for dinner every night after a long day at work.


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