From the bottom of my heart

I’m home, finally.  I had a nuclear stress test this morning, which turned out totally fine.  So, I guess I’m just a big hypochondriac.  Baby O’s mom says I’m a faker who just wanted a weekend off, but she’s only joking and she took care of Willow for a big chunk of the weekend so I can allow her to tease me.

John read me all the comments over the phone while I was hooked up to monitors and an IV and all that fun stuff.  Thank you so much for all the well-wishes.  They totally worked because, look! I’m well.  Still lightheaded, but at least I’m home. 

Who knows what was (is) going on with me.  I guess the condensed story is that there may or may not be something wrong with my heart, but it’s minor or nonexistent and so I can just follow up as an outpatient. 

I think I need a nap.  I’m feeling a little dazed and confused.  And very happy to be home.  I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m more awake and alert.  Thanks again for all the love.

17 thoughts on “From the bottom of my heart

  1. Javajabber

    So glad you’re home and ok.

    I suppose they ran every single blood, pee, and spit test they could while they had you strapped to the bed, right?

    Better to be safe than sorry!

  2. Amy

    Get into that bed and stay in it! Sounds like some R&R are in order. Hope they find nothing wrong with you and this was just a dramatic excuse for some down time 😉 Keep well, Amy

  3. Suebob

    I’m glad that you’re home for several reasons.

    One: it means you aren’t actually, at this point, expiring, which is always good.

    Two: Bless your dear hubby’s heart, but that whole World of Warcraft thing? I was asleep by the second line.

  4. Lin

    You have been checked for vertigo and inner ear inbalance, right? Just checking. I’ve had two friends suffer from that and the symptoms are amazingly similar to yours.

  5. CJ

    Glad to hear your home! Hope your feeling better soon! Sending you ( as my 3 year ld calls it) lots of “Wubba Lub”! Get better soon girl!

  6. FishyGirl

    Glad you’re home and feeling better. Hope everything turns out not to be cardiac at all, but rather a change in barometric pressure, or solar flares, or something.

  7. Dixie

    It’s great that you’re back home. I’ve been sending every good thought I could muster.

    Don’t be lettin’ anything bad happen again – we care about you too much!

  8. Amy

    Glad you are home again and hoping all is just fine. Hoping too you took the opportunity to enjoy not cooking or cleaning and just RESTING 🙂 Always my favorite part of a hospital stay.

  9. Marsha

    Glad you are home, hospitals are no fun. I am sorry that they weren’t able to determine what it is that is causing you to feel poorly. I hate that. I do hope it will resolve itself, immediately. My mind cannot help but wander to Celiac since that is my whole life. I am the world’s worst diagnostic as I think everyone has Celiac. Love you Jen. Get well soon!

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