squirrely **updated with an incriminating photo!

When we first moved into this house in November of 2001, I thought the squirrels in the yard were cute little things.  I even took some pictures of them now and then.  Like, this time


when one of the squirrels got a mini chocolate chip cookie the girls dropped outside.  And John took a bunch when one got trapped between the screen door and the sliding glass door.


I loved them considerably less after they started digging up every single thing I planted.  The places on the fence they chewed up look pretty crappy, too.  But, this


means war.  They are stealing the stuffing from the cushion on our swing to make their nests fluffy.  I guess if I were a better person I wouldn’t begrudge them, since it is pretty cold out.  But, they have fur, and really it’s just one more thing that I have to deal with.  Does anyone have good ways to encourage the squirrels to play elsewhere?  We can’t have a dog here, which is what I wish I could get to keep them out.

Oh, boy.  See why I haven’t posted in a week.  Total writer’s block.  Sorry.  Willow picked out more flowers at Trader Joe’s today.


And, the lemon tree is happy.


Caught in the act. . .


3 thoughts on “squirrely **updated with an incriminating photo!

  1. mamadaisy

    go get a package of cotton batting and put it in the middle of the yard as an offering for the evil furry critters. then get a hollow plastic statue of an owl (the sell them at boating and pool supply stores) and put it on your patio near the chair. it will scare the squirrels away.

    my mom lost an entire pond full of baby koi fish before she learned to add a plastic snake to the mix. the sandhill cranes made a regular sushi bar of her little pond. they are beautiful, but very hungry.

  2. MamaSutra

    I have no idea about squirrels; we have one in our neighbourhood and he comes by quite rarely. But you have a lemon tree!! And a happy one at that! We have a snow covered yard and one houseplant that the cat chews on. Pretty sad…not happy at all.

  3. Erin

    My husband calls the squirrels bushy-tailed rats and unleashes the dog after them. But you can’t have a dog, so it sounds like the suggestions above are pretty good ones. 🙂

    Welcome back! You were missed.


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