storm day

storm day
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The power was out all day and OMFG no one could surf the web or play the Wii, Game Cube, X-Box, or uncharged GameBoys or Nintendo DS. The kids were like the dad on Sanford and Son (duh-na-duh-na, duh-na, duh-na, duh-na-na), all drama and sputtering while clutching their hearts and staggering around on stiff, straight legs.

Finally, they bundled up and went out to play in the wet 70 mph wind (they CANNOT spend all day inside, no matter what) and it blew so fiercely it made Willow cry. She’s pulling it together in this photo, but she was really shaken up for a bit there.

I found out several hours later that my boys and their friend went through the neighborhood knocking on doors, offering some variation on the following:

SO. ourpowerisout. ISYOURPOWEROUTTOO? If you need CANDLES or BATTERIES, just come to our house! We have some. HERE IS OUR PHONE NUMBER, just in case! KTHXBYE!

All up and down the whole street. A street of duplexes. HAHAHA!

At one house they picked up a bunch of big branches that had blown down and were paid 3 bux each by the woman who lives there. I gave them so much shit for taking the money. I said that if a neighbor needs help, you just HELP them. They say that they told her several times they didn’t want payment, but that she insisted. Could be. (right)

At any rate, now the rain has slowed, the wind is all but done and the power is back on. The bathtub is filled with wet jackets and pants and gloves waiting for the washer to become available. The yard is full of palm fronds. puddles, and broken branches.

We had candlelit baths and meals today, played with blocks and remote control cars. Lex read by the dim grey light near the window. There were naps, cuddling, puddle stompings, wind-listening sessions, and cursing. Eggs and bacon half cooked and sitting on the electric stove until the power came back on and then eaten as the power went back off for the day. Twelve wet boots by the front door. Supper from a restaurant eaten at home by candlelight, even though the power came back on while we were out.

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  1. angie

    It’s embarrassing how much we depend on electricity, isn’t it? Our power went out on December 23rd and I refused to stay at home. Durn electric stoves!


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